What We Do

What We Do

Civitas Healthcare

About Us

Civitas Healthcare are manufacturers mobile diagnostic units and mobile healthcare solutions for the NHS and private sector. We are ISO 90001 certified and registered suppliers on the NHS supply chain.

We are highly innovative and forward thinking to create solutions which are practical and efficient. We understand the current diagnostic landscape and the requirement of mobile solutions to reduce backlogs but also access remote areas and community hotspots. With over 40 years combined experience within the field, we are able to work alongside your organisation to offer productive answers to healthcare problems.

We also work alongside service providers by delivering the hardware aspect of a fully managed service.


What can MDUs can be used for


Portrait of smiling doctor

Community Healthcare

Our vehicles can be placed within the base of communities and close to those who are at a geographical disadvantage allowing for better access to medical assistance.
At laboratory


Our vehicles has a designated laboratory area within the unit that accommodates ample testing equipment with multiple poser points contained within the trunking.
Nurse pouring blood samples from syringe into tubes at laboratory

Test and Trace

With emphasis placed on the Test and Trace system to ensure infections are identified and isolated, our vehicles allows for a practical solution to combat the pandemic.
Closeup of nurse hands holding vaccine and syringe


As the government’s pledge to vaccinate the country continues with full force, our vehicles can serve as mobile vaccination centres even for those in the most remote areas.

Why Go Mobile?

“Major expansion of diagnostic capacity was already clearly identified as being needed before the pandemic. Community diagnostic hubs should be rapidly established to provide COVID-19 minimal, highly productive diagnostic centers” (Prof. Sir Mike Richards, 2020)


Flexible for patients, the MDU can be taken into the heart of communities.


MDU’s have a rapid response and can be directed to hotspots within minutes. 


Designed for patients, awnings can be set up on three sides of the MDU. 

Off Grid

With three different power sources – the MDU can be run independently anywhere in the world. 


More patients can be seen, saving time for the healthcare professionals and institutions. Overall saving costs to the NHS.