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At Civitas Healthcare, we make sure we strive to provide superior quality & value to our customers and make sure we deliver what you need, when you need it. Hassle Free. We stock a wide range of protective equipment for use in ¬†both public and private healthcare sectors. We supply protective equipment, including Gloves, Aprons and Masks nationwide. Whether to protect residents, patients, staff or visitors; it’s important to maintain a high standard of hygiene in all environments to ensure the optimum safety for all.

Our professional sales team are available 24/7* and offer unique deals per order. Please contact us on or call us on 0300 300 5420.

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What we offer

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Cost Effective and comfortable, We provide a variety of high grade medical gloves for all sectors such as Medical, Care, Hairdressers, Tattooist, Education and everyday use.


Premium anti-bacterial Aprons on flat pack or roll which can be used in Surgeries, treatment rooms, kitchens, patient care and general cleaning.
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Range of face masks for all types of needs to assist with extra protection.
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