Hire & Purchase

Hire & Purchase

Civitas Hire Fleet And Purchase Options

At Civitas Healthcare, there is more than one way to implement an MDU into your organisation. We offer affordable hire and purchase options both of which can be provided with maintenance packages. 


Our hire fleet vehicles are designed for vigorous use and are available on a minimum 6 month contract.


Our bespoke MDUs are designed and manufactured to your individual needs.

Our Approach

Hire or Purchase Your MDU in Three Steps

1. Set Up Demo

Contact us to arrange a no obligation MDU demo with one of our specialists. We will travel to you to provide a vehicle walk around and live demonstration of one of our MDUs. An expert will be at hand to answer any questions you may have.

2. Review Vehicle

Discuss your needs and wants with us so we can work together to create the perfect MDU suited for your intended clinical use. We can provide vehicle floor plans to ensure the best layout for your MDU.

3. Await delivery

Once your order is placed, whether it is one purchased or a hire fleet vehicle, we will aim to deliver the MDU within our allocated time frame. In addition, further services such as maintenance or extended training can be organised.


Hire Fleet Vehicles

Civitas Healthcare now offers flexible hire services by way of our specialised MDU hire fleet.  Our hire fleet allows you to take advantage of our MDUs without committing to purchasing or as a temporary solution to your healthcare needs.

We offer flexible, short term and long-term hire options creating a cost effective route allowing effective implementation of our MDUs into your day to day working.

Each vehicle is specifically designed and manufactured to ensure vigorous use. Prior to being issued, each MDU is carefully tested to ensure optimum performance.

These MDUs have multiple purposes and can be adapted to your requirements subject to intended use.


Purchase an MDU

Built for rapid deployment, each Civitas MDU provides a hospital grade setting for for a variety of medical uses. The MDU is is expandable in design and functionality through the addition of multiple awnings – it is an extremely effective method of bringing personal care to communities and more importantly providing easier access to healthcare. 

Our MDU creates the perfect environment to deliver a variety of treatments and clinical procedures. The MDU’s  configuration means that the vehicle can be set up quickly and safely.

Depending on your choice of usage for the Civitas MDU, it’s integrated technology will ensure of usage, accuracy and longevity of investment.

Please get in touch to discuss financing options.